What happens before the operation

A. What happens before the operation?

The orthopedic and physical therapy evaluation takes place on the first day, following the examination of gait analysis (Gait analysis laboratory with 3D Vicon system). Taking into account the aforementioned data, a discussion ensues between the team and the child’s family so as to set the functional goals that we wish to attain.  In addition, we will discuss the steps the family and therapists will follow from the following day. In case new AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotics) are needed, there is the possibility for our orthotics expert to take measurements of your child in the operating room.

B. What follows my child’s operation?

  • Physical Therapy begins on the same day, within a few hours after the end of the procedure at the IASO Children’s Hospital.
  • The child is mobilized and starts taking steps on the same day. The family receives written instructions regarding the child’s management at home.
  • On the following day you visit the E.N.A. Pediatric Rehabilitation Center where the therapeutic session will take place, according to the instructions you have already received.
  • Moreover, you will have the opportunity to videotape the activities that you will need to perform with your child for the ensuing period of time.

C. How long does the intensive program last and what does it include?

  • The aim of the intensive program is to change or improve the existing Gross Motor Classification System (GMFCS) of each child. The Physical Therapy aims to improve strength, balance and stamina, as well as to maintain the joint range which has been gained through the operation.

    The program at our Rehab Center lasts from 2 to 4 hours daily, the rehabilitation, however, lasts all day. The parents receive information regarding the various places in the region of Attika where they can perform activities taking advantage of the Greek climate, while enjoying quality time with their child.

    The duration of the whole program, depending on the needs of each particular child, as well as the needs of each particular family, may last from 2 to 8 weeks.

    The intensive programs are performed by experienced pediatric therapists and include:

    1. Strengthening focused on the child’s needs
    2. Gait training on the treadmill with the LiteGait system
    3. Outdoor activities
    4. Cycling
    5. Virtual Reality (VR)
    6. Vibration platform
    7. EMS strengthening
    8. Theratog system
    9. AFO-FC* system design and training
    10. Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)- in cases of upper extremity intervention
    11. Hydrotherapy

    *biomechanical optimization of the Ankle Foot Orthosis-Footwear complex in order to optimize its performance during a particular activity

D. What happens if my child needs other types of therapy as well?

  • In conjunction with the SPML procedure, alcohol blocks are performed in the upper extremities, if need be. In such cases, the result is instantaneous and occupational therapy is also incorporated in the program.

    Other services provided include alternative and augmentative communication via specialized software and hardware, according to the needs and capabilities of your child as well as psychological support-consultation for the empowerment of your family.

    For more information regarding our rehabilitation programs at ENA rehab center or to book an appointment please contact us at or call us at 0030 –2106848270

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